PIGMENTATION pigmentation

All of us-with the exception of people who suffer from Albinism-produce skin pigment.  Some produce more and some less. This gives us our unique skin color. As long as the pigmentation process happens evenly and smoothly, the skin looks healthy; but when this process happens unevenly or in a patchy or linear pattern, then it’s called PIGMENTATION DISORDER.  Some pigmentation changes are hormonal, some secondary to sun or heat damages and some have unknown causes.  Freckles are a good example of sun related pigmentation change that can be easily prevented by proper use of sun blocks from an early age. A person with Vitiligo-which is a patchy loss of pigmentation-is not as lucky, as this condition is not well understood and is difficult to cure or even control. PIH or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation is another example of pigmentation change and is one of the more common adverse effects of deep peeling or laser use.

Whatever your concern about pigmentation changes might be, you are sure to find a scientific analysis of your condition and review of remedies and their efficacy here in our Clinic.