Our skin regenerates constantly through making new layers while shedding off the old ones. If it wasn’t for this process, we all looked old well before our puberty. There are some interventions that stimulate and potentiate this regeneration of the skin; these interventions are, collectively, called SKIN REJUVENATION. From simply using a cream containing low dose  acid before your bedtime to having  chemical peels or microdermabrasion or using light sources like laser or IPL, the goal is to remove the old, damaged outer layers of your skin and stimulate the deeper layers to generate fresh, younger looking skin.

In today’s aesthetic environment with so many different options available and with most aesthetic clinics claiming the superiority of their own interventions,  it seems, almost, impossible to find out which intervention is the right one for you with the lowest chance of an adverse reaction.
Please join us to discuss your questions about skin rejuvenation and receive scientific based, bias and hype free information on ways to REJUVENATE your skin.